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KBTU continues to improve its material and technical base. New equipment has appeared in the laboratory of the Scientific and Educational Center for Materials Science and Corrosion Problems of the University - the NMR spectrometer NMReady-60PRO.

This highly efficient multicore instrument is part of the family of compact benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. It is designed for routine research of various materials (screening of synthesis products, determination of oil content and moisture content of seeds, analysis of the composition of oils and solid fats, quality control of food products, etc.), as well as for the implementation of educational and scientific work by students, undergraduates and doctoral students.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is the resonant absorption or emission of electromagnetic energy by a substance containing nuclei with nonzero spin in an external magnetic field, at a frequency ν (called the NMR frequency), due to the reorientation of the magnetic moments of the nuclei.