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Dear Students and Parents!
ISE is a unique faculty of KBTU, students graduate with 2 degrees, one from KBTU  and one from the world class University of London .

The KBTU world class partnership with London School of Economics and the University of London opens the world to our students.

Faculty are world class, holding PhDs from Columbia, Harvard, Solvay and Edinburgh, a high level of teaching means that our students study hard and develop an excellent work ethic, but they are rewarded - by joining the elite programs around the world.

The focus in ISE is two main Bachelor career directions:

Firstly our students may follow the Finance and Economics route: by studying a Bachelor program in each of the disciplines. This opens up careers in Economics, Investment Banking, pure Finance as well in consultancies such as Mckinsey and Boston Consulting.

Secondly our students may open a career path in Business Data Analytics or Digital Strategy: This route is all about Data and Digital Strategy, the management of information systems, the planning of business strategy using this data. Our students are excellent quantitatively and this exceptional University of London double degree opens up career opportunities in Kazakhstan and globally.

  • ISE - Postgraduate: A Masters in Digital Strategy and Innovation. Students on the KBTU masters will study for the University of London Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation alongside the Masters, Graduating with a double degree.
  • FRM - at ISE we have a partnership with the AIFC: Students study Financial Risk Management qualification as part of the Bachelor degree. As result, students who choose this route graduate with A KBTU Degree, a University of London Degree and a professional FRM academic qualification.


  • Our ISE Team won the CFA Challenge for Central Asia
  • 2 of our teams are in The Boston Consulting Group Case Finals
  • 6 of our students have been named as among the best students in the World on the Joint LSE and University of London program
  •  We have concluded a special arrangement to give 50 scholarships to top students
  •  NIS Schools have entered a partnership with ISE for the students to enter directly into our second year – Using their NIS Certificate

As an Undergraduate and Graduate - University of London Partner:  We are a unique school in that we offer a full Double degree program covering 5 career tracks for top students:

  • Banking
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance
  • Financial Economics
  • Risk management

Our students graduate with 2 Degrees and a fully recognized FRM qualification.

100 1st year places – with 50 exceptional Scholarships AVAILABLE!!!

 Undergraduate - University of London: 

ISE Faculty teach three programmes to students:

  • Math and Economics
  • Economics (Pure economics including data analytics and machine learning)
  • Finance

Graduate Diploma - University of London: ISE Faculty teach one program to students:  

  • Digital Strategy & Innovation. NOTE: This Graduate University of London Banking Diploma is structured to also give students a KBTU Masters

Professional - Financial Risk Management: ISE Faculty teach one professional program – The FRM exam to students. All students have access to state-of-the-art Bloomberg laboratories.

Kazakhstani students can now study in their own country and receive academic direction from the world famous London School of Economics - and be awarded University of London Bachelor degree - in Almaty.

ISE are the top ranked dual degree body locally and are, therefore, extremely proud of being part of a world class faculty and the superb students that graduate ISE. We look forward to welcoming you to ISE .         

All the best for the year ahead.


Professor Gavin Kretzschmar


International School of Economics