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Dear friends, colleagues, applicants, parents, graduates, and visitors!


The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) was established 17 years ago,  now, it is the largest Faculty of the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU). Thousand of our graduates are working in Kazakhstan and abroad and are connected to the FIT thanks to our very own specialization---Information Technologies. In fact, the FIT has become a very large family of like-minded and mutually connected people, who are highly qualified and skilled. These professionals are serving and participating in knowledge generation in various parts of the world and at the same time are contributing in the growth and development of the KBTU Faculty of Information Technology.


Unique Teaching and Learning Experience


Students have central role in our teaching and learning philosophy; we treat students as responsible partners and strongly believe in the student empowerment. No matter how advanced educational programs, professors, laboratories, and environments are; without the full involvement and participation of students or future graduates; the transfer of knowledge and learning process will remain incomplete. That is why from the first day we try to instil in the student an understanding of responsibility for her/his own future, making it clear that the FIT and its resources are there to facilitate and assist the student. Teachers are mentors and guides, the benefits of the physical and human resources at the FIT are directly proportional to the level of diligence of the student. In short, everyone learns themselves; the FIT family is only to help.


The FIT teaches to learn, it teaches to be responsible, trying together with the student to pave the way for the success of the latter. And I would like everyone who consciously chooses us as the foundation, the beginning of their future career to know it. The simple motto is - if you chose FIT, then you must take responsibility. The FIT family will be as useful as possible to you.


If you know how to take responsibility for yourself, if you understand that only your own concern can be held responsible for your future, if you are sure that the FIT family is a ticket to your future, then spend another 5 minutes reading the links in the message! Enjoy! We wish you great success to the future member of our FIT family!

Rasim Suliev

Dean FIT